Pregnancy Yoga classes 

Reason to attend group or one to one pregnancy Yoga classes :- 

  • Regular "me' time where you can relax, have fun and make friends with other pregnant ladies
  • Can help you remain comfortable and calm throughout your pregnancy
  • To prepare you for the birth by learning breathing techniques and labour poses to aid the birth .
  • Being fitter throughout your pregnancy can aid a quicker recovery after birth.

New Pregnancy Yoga class starts Saturday 21st September 11.30am- 1pm at The Oast Osteopathy, The Oast, 62 Bell Road, Sittingbourne, ME10 4HE 

A 90 minute Pregnancy Yoga class where you can learn to feel comfortable and calm throughout your pregnancy, and prepare for the birth of your baby.  A place where you can have regular "me' time, relax, have fun and make friends.


This gentle, nurturing Yoga class includes postures, movements and breathing techniques for you to use during your pregnancy and the birth of your child. The class will finish with a long and restorative, relaxation leaving you feeling calm and relaxed.


Prices - £11 per class to be paid pas a block monthly (4 weeks at £44, 5 weeks at £55) Drop ins after 36 weeks £13


Other information - 

Please bring with you a Yoga mat and block if you have them (we have spares), a blanket and a bottle of water. Wear Loose, or stretchy comfortable clothing and a warm layer for relaxation. 

Avoid eating a large meal 2 hours before class, but please do snack if you are hungry before class. 

Please inform me if you have any pre existing or pregnancy related conditions which may affect your Yoga practices. 


one to one prices 

individual class - £35 per hour

Block of classes - £30 per hour

An extra charge may apply if you live outside of the Sittingbourne area.

Terms and conditions apply

Why book a block of classes

Apart from being cheaper, you will get more benefit out of a series of classes than just one class. 


"I have gained an awful lot of calm from Julie's classes and really enjoy the way that alternative poses are offered in the sessions."SD 


Contact me below to arrange a group or one to one Pregnancy Yoga class.

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