Frequently Asked Questions



What shall I wear?

  • Wear some stretchy or loose fitting clothing to enable you to move with comfort throughout the class.

What Shall I bring?

  • A yoga mat if you have one, or feel free to use the mats provided until you have your own.
  • A blanket or warm clothing for relaxation.

What is Yoga?

  • Yoga is of a combination of postures, flowing movement, meditation, breathing techniques and relaxation. When which practised together improve bodily awareness, create a balance of strength and flexibility, and connect and calm the body, mind and breath making you happier, healthier, and a generally fitter person.

I am stiff/overweight/advancing in years/a man, can I still do yo g a?

  • The simple answer is yes to all of the above.  Yoga is for all ages, shapes, sizes, sexes, and abilities.  There are many different styles of Yoga, some strong and fast paced, some slow and gentle with lot of variety in between, so there is a style of yoga to suit most peoples needs.

Is Yoga predominantly about stretching and making you more flexible?

  • It is a commonly held myth that Yoga is just for contortionists. There is so much more to Yoga than just improving your flexibility and tying yourself in knots. That is a very small part of Yoga.  A well thought out and balanced Yoga class should improve and balance both your strength and your flexibility.  It will also improve your awareness of your alignment changing unhealthy patterns of movement the healthy ones preventing and in some cases reversing the effects of "wear and tear" and bad postural habits. these things combined create balance and calmness in both body and mind.

Why do I need to refrain from eating a meal 2 hours before the class?

  • Practicing Yoga on a full stomach can make you feel nauseous as you twist, turn, backward bend and fold forward. Practicing on an empty stomach will help prevent this.  If you feel you need to eat something to keep you going a light snack such as a yoghurt or a hand full of nuts half an hour before class is fine.





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